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"Robert Fripp lent me my first E-bow during a project with him so I started exploring with it and found that it works very well with acoustic guitar and helps provide a different tonal atmosphere. Acoustic guitar has a fairly short sustain - you pluck the note and it dies away pretty quickly. So since we’re playing acoustic guitars exclusively, it’s always been interesting for me to find different ways to use the instrument. On the new album, there’s a piece called ‘Relative Illusion’ that features quite a bit of the E-bow use on it. I think it helps give varied tones, plus I enjoy having the ability to have these infinite sustained notes. There’s something about that that’s kinda empowering." Paul Richards from an article in Acoustic Magazine

Recordings with EBow

Kan-non Power • Punta Patri • Relative Illusion


Earth Harp and EBow Guitar Improvisation