Introduction - How to Position the EBow

The foot of the EBow has been carefully designed. The long GuideGrooves on either side of the DriveChannel rest on the two strings on either side of the driven string. These grooves guide the EBow into proper alignment so that the DriveChannel sits over and very near the string to be driven. This allows you to feel when the EBow is in the correct position. The blue LED shines directly on the driven string. The EBow does not touch the driven string. Just holding the EBow in place produces infinite sustain. You can feel the string vibrating under your fingertips, just as you can with amplifier feedback.

The EBow should rest naturally on the strings with only a light pressure against them. In the basic position it should not be tilted, rocked up on one end or pressed down too hard. Don't twist or wiggle the EBow out of alignment with the strings.