Methods of Control - Pressing

Applying more pressure on the EBow against the SupportStrings brings the DriveChannel closer to the string being played and increases the drive. Less pressure decreases the drive. This light press-and-release action can be used to create horn sounds and tremolo effects when the EBow is held over the pickup. Avoid touching the string with the DriveChannel, as this can produce unwanted noises and may stop the string from vibrating. If the string buzzes against the DriveChannel, apply less pressure. If the string does not begin to vibrate as quickly as you'd like, apply more pressure. It's quite natural.

Notes fretted high on the neck pull the string away from the DriveChannel. Apply more pressure on the EBow to bring the DriveChannel closer to the string.


When playing the E strings (1st or 6th), only one string supports the EBow. The high E string is the hardest to activate quickly, so press the EBow to bring the DriveChannel closer to the string, and tap the fretboard a little harder with your left hand. Slide up and down the fretboard with one finger for a more consistent sustain.