Methods of Control - Tilting

Tilt the EBow to one side to decrease the drive even more. This produces a cleaner, less distorted sound, good for realistic bowing strokes, especially on the lower strings. Sometimes, it may be necessary to tilt the EBow away from the low E string to keep it from buzzing against the DriveChannel.

Rhythmically press-and-release the tilted EBow over the HotSpot for a dramatic tremolo.

Or use the harmonic mode as a hand held wah-wah.


When bending a note above the 12th fret, you may need to tilt the EBow and add a little pressure to keep the string from bending out of the drive field.

Keep the top or thumb side GuideGroove on track when bending up, and the finger side GuideGroove on track when bending down. Always bend the string toward the GuideGroove that is on track.

You can also try backing the EBow away from the pickup where the string bends less (nearer the bridge).