Cross-String Bowing

These effects are much quieter than sustaining over the HotSpot. If you've lowered your volume, you'll need to bring it back up to your normal picking volume. Also, return your tone setting to normal if you've cut the highs.

When bowing across the strings directly over the HotSpot, each string is amplified instantly as the EBow passes over it. Steady your wrist and use arm movement to move the EBow across the strings in a straight line, staying over the HotSpot. Cross quickly. Don't wait for one string to sustain before moving to the next. Keep a constant slight pressure on the EBow against the strings as you cross. Each string sounds as loud as if you'd picked it. Be sure to keep the GuideGrooves properly aligned with each string and let the foot of the EBow lightly graze or rub across the plane of the strings. The lighter you apply the EBow, the softer the sound. Press harder for more volume. To stop cross-string bowing, simply lift the EBow from the strings.

For an even volume response, play away from the pickup when sustaining, and play over the pickup when cross-string bowing.