Most techniques use the bass pickup only. All other pickups should be off.

Avoid touching the DriveChannel to the string.

Hammer-on and snap-off with the left hand for a quick EBow response.

Press the EBow against the SupportStrings for extra drive.

Slap the EBow into position for a percussive attack.

Play directly over the HotSpot when cross-string bowing.

Glide to and from the pickup with each note for a bowing effect in the normal mode and a bowing/wah effect in the harmonic mode.

Finger notes low on the fretboard to increase harmonics.

Use lots of distortion for a pick-like attack.

Switch to the harmonic mode to extend the sustain range and unleash raging harmonics.

Listen to the play-along lesson for more EBow techniques and applications.

The EBow is a whole new approach to guitar sound modification: a movable drive field which acts directly on the guitar string – Direct String Synthesis. The concept is simple, the possibilities unlimited. Take the time to develop the basic techniques and you'll be amazed at the sounds you coax from your guitar.