Electric Guitar

Cousin making noise

A HardLuck Christmas Card

Art Versus Industry - Dissipate

andisteil (hang), vitgit (guitar)

The Apothercary Solo

Bill Nelson

Rainclouds over Paris of my dreams.


La Llorona Cover

EBow Lament (MVB mix)

EBow for Father's Day

EBow Demonstration (Part Three): EBow in Ceilidh Music


Fun with pedals and an eBow

Guitar Acapella with Ebow

Kyoji Yamamoto

Lakefield plays North Wind -- Live at CiTR radio

The Lost Camel Part II

Lenny Walker

EBow Clip - Harmonic Mode with Distortion

Lenny Walker

EBow Clip - Rigby opening showing Spiccato

Middle Class Rut "Busy Bein' Born" live at RADIO 94.7

Middle Class Rut "Busy Bein' Born" live at RADIO 94.7

Matte Kudasai King Crimson eBow Instrumental Cover

Suburbanoid Fatties in Ojai, California

the Undertow Forrest York and Ryan York

Classical Tunes

Chopin - Cello Sonata Op.65 in G minor: III. Largo (ebow guitar cover)

Sinfonity: Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo)

Cello sounds on guitar

Chad Johnson

E-Bow Guitar 01 - Chad Johnson

EBQ (EBow Quartet)

Bass Quartet playing Ebows in Studio

MARCELLO ZAPPATORE - Bach's Air on the G String - with E-BOW

Ravel Bolero on Ebow - High Def

Roman Boyko East improviz

Sex, Baroque'n'Roll - Air on a G string

Cover Songs

Miedo - Caifanes (Cover by Arturo Vargas)

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are (cover)

braveheart theme

Carol of the Bells guitar tutorial

Don DePaola

Signs Theme

Don DePaola

Sleepwalkers Theme - Don DePaola

eleanor rigby ebow arrangement by gene kunkle

EBow Clip - Rigby showing Spiccato/Sustain

Eleanor Rigby à l'eBow sur guitare

Eleanor Rigby à l'eBow sur guitare

jamming to "the unforgiven" with an Ebow

Lightbulb Sun - Porcupine Tree (Intro cover w/ebow)

La llorona - caifanes

Lachlan Higgs

have you got it in you? - imogen heap - layered cover

Marillion - This Strange Engine solo (with E-bow)

Silly Cat - "Nulle Part"

''O Sole Mio'' (italian song) E-Bow

Pseudo Silk Kimono with Ebow - Marillion cover

RHCP - Falling Into Grace - guitar solo lesson

Song of Wind

Smashing Pumpkins - E-Bow Solo (Stand Inside Your Love)

Silent Hill 2 "Theme of Laura (reprise)"

Shigeru Umebayashi - Yumeji's Theme on EBow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Guitar Cover With Ebow)

Ebow with Over the Rainbow riff

Somewhere Over the Rainbow on Ebow

U2 - With Or Without You - My Effort At Home!!

videotape - radiohead - layered cover

Other Electric Guitar

Achokarlos - Parametric Milk

Chad Johnson

EBow Guitar 02 - Magnetic Wheel: EBow-Slide-Wah

digit all love | sesja nagraniowa | druga płyta

Don DePaola

Loch Ness

Don DePaola

Night Shade Trip - Don DePaola

Ebow/Organ Improvisation

EBow Trip

Guitar Free Jam on Octavarium (Dream Theater)

Guthrie Govan plays: Who's Best?

jamman ebow "reverse"

Mats Hedberg

morgan agren & mats hedberg live in studio 2008

Pie Jesu

Pure EBow!

TONE tone EBOW tone

Vodka And E bow