DIY Mods for the EBow

Have you ever wanted to modify your EBow? Make it stronger, change its sound, get it to work on a piano. Run your EBow directly into an amp, bypassing your guitar's pickup? Need a place to put your EBow when not playing? How would you like to 3D print your own EBow clip. Need a hardshell case?

All this and more in our new EBow MOD section for Do it Yourselfers.


List of Mods

EBow Clip - A belt/guitar strap clip to hold your EBow. 3D printable.

PianoBow - Sand off feet to make a piano EBow.

Magnet Boost - Add more power to your EBow.

Lower Voltage - For interesting effects from octave divider to strange tones and sputtering audio.

Hard Shell Case - Hard shell cases on Amazon that work for your EBow.

3D printable EBow clip

Would you believe? You can 3D print your own belt/strap EBow clip.

Download the stl file here

We recommend adding some clear shipping tape to key areas of the clip to avoid scratching your EBow, depending on the type of plastic you use in 3D printing your clip.



To make a PianoBow, you need to sand down the EBow's feet allowing the drive channel to get closer to the piano strings which are under great tension. Of course, this will void your warranty :-)


Add a Magnet to boost your power

Add a magnet to the crook of the EBow.

Let it snap into proper orientation on it's own.

Use a strong rare earth magnet for biggest effect.

No need to glue it in place. It will magnetically align and stay put.


Lower Voltage

Use rundown 9V batteries or add a potentiomenter for interesting effects from octave divider to strange tones and sputtering audio.

Here is a user video on adding a potentiometer.



Here are a couple of cases that work for the EBow.

Hard shell case #1

Hard shell case #2