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Cousin making noise

Art Versus Industry - Dissipate

andisteil (hang), vitgit (guitar)

The Apothercary Solo

EBow solo with slide

Achokarlos - Parametric Milk

EBow comes in at 4:22

Bill Nelson

Rainclouds over Paris of my dreams.

Chad Johnson

EBow Guitar 02 - Magnetic Wheel: EBow-Slide-Wah

EBow extravaganza.

digit all love | sesja nagraniowa | druga płyta

Don DePaola

Loch Ness

EBow Lament (MVB mix)

EBow for Father's Day

EBow Demonstration (Part Three): EBow in Ceilidh Music

Ebow/Organ Improvisation

EBow Trip

Welcome to outer space!


Fun with pedals and an eBow

Guitar Acapella with Ebow

Guitar Free Jam on Octavarium (Dream Theater)

Guthrie Govan plays: Who's Best?

The Edge plays EBow at 1:05

jamman ebow "reverse"


COTTON CLUB Tokyo 2nd stage

Lakefield plays North Wind -- Live at CiTR radio

The Lost Camel Part II

Lenny Walker

EBow Clip - Rigby opening showing Spiccato

Lenny Walker

EBow Clip - Harmonic Mode with Distortion

Middle Class Rut "Busy Bein' Born" live at RADIO 94.7

Middle Class Rut "Busy Bein' Born" live at RADIO 94.7

Matte Kudasai King Crimson eBow Instrumental Cover

Mats Hedberg

morgan agren & mats hedberg live in studio 2008

Pie Jesu

Suburbanoid Fatties in Ojai, California

the Undertow Forrest York and Ryan York

TONE tone EBOW tone

EBow at 2:44

Vodka And E bow

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Cenk Erdogan

Perdesiz/Fretless Guitar EBow

Cenk Erdogan

e bow taksim

Erkan Oğur

Yo era ninya - Janet Jak Esim

EBow visible at 0:07

Ebow fretless guitar

Erkan Oğur

Janet Jak Esim Ensemble

Erkan Oğur


Hasan Cihat Örter


Hasan Cihat Örter


Hasan Cihat Örter

Pırıltılar (Ebow)

Hasan Cihat Örter

ÃœLKE TV. 2010

Hasan Cihat Örter

Hicaz Taksim

Hasan Cihat Örter

Hasan Cihat Örter

Hasan Cihat Örter

Hicaz Taksim

"Quiet Evening Raga" - Fretless Guitar with Looper

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"AcoustiCon" Brad Sayre Ebow

Acoustic Soundscape

EBow starts at 1:10

(Bette Midler) The Rose (acoustic EBow) - Bert Bouwhuis

Chris Proctor

Nights in White Satin

Chad Johnson

E-Bow Acoustic Guitar

Ebow Acoustic Guitar

End of a silent day

Nice EBow on acoustic

'Instruments' Featuring Darren Anderson, Travis Hogue, Steve Krause

EBow Improv

EBow drone


Harmonic EBow on acoustic

Guy Buttery - ebow & musical saw

EBow 1:40

Legend of Korra Main Theme

Martin Simpson - "I Cannot Keep from Cryin' Sometimes"

Scott Huckabay

LIVE 2006

EBow at 1:15

Stefano Barone - Batman - Alexander Supertramp

EBow at 2:03 and at 5:50.

Shine from Warnecke

Scott Huckabay


(Ulrich Uhland Warnecke) Shine - on EBow - Bert Bouwhuis

Cover tune

Triolian and EBow

Ulrich Uhland Warnecke Shine

We Are Young - Fun. feat.

With or Without You(U2) E-Bow Unplugged

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EBow on Bass

EBow on Bass 2

Bass Quartet playing Ebows in Studio

Les July tribute to Jimi Hendrix

EBow at 3:50

Drumstick Bass/Baixo Baqueta

Ebow Bass

Interesting EBowed bass with effects

ebow & the bass player from hand job

Impro with AmpliTube 3 - "The Shrimp Dance"

Moto sound with Ebow

Mambo Sons

"Blues for Zanny"

Moto sound with EBow

Steve Lawson


EBow at 2:45

Steve Lawson

BJ Cole live at The Troubadour

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Meditative Fretless Bass Solo with EBow

Michael Manring

Michael Manring w/ E-bow

ebow fretless bass

fun on fretless

Fretless Bass intro with Ebow. "Garden of Water" by Asaf Rabi

Fretless Bass with Ebow

In store demo.

Michael Manring

Using an E-Bow on Bass Guitar Lesson @ GuitarInstructor.com (preview)

Michael Manring


Michael Manring


Two EBows on Bass

Michael Manring

Live at Noe Valley Ministry

Michael Manring

Bob Culbertson Improv

Michael Manring

NAMM 1994

Michael Manring


Steve Lawson

Grace And Gratitude

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Lots of strings on this guitar.

A Celtic Tune

EBow on the Chapman Stick

Bb Banjo with EBow and Korg Drone

Bow, Ebow, and a Cherry

A guitar you can really bow. We love it! 0:45

Beheamouth EBOW style

Buddy Emmons

"Once Upon a Time in the West"

EBow at 2:00

ebow & lapsteel

Ebow Demonstration: Lap Steel + Digitech Whammy + TC Electronic Nova Delay

Eleventh Hour

Chapman Stick

Film Score on Harpejji D1 by Jim Daneker

Gren Bartley Band (LIVE) - I Am Home

Krishna Prema das - Trikanta Veena con e-bow


Mansion On The Hill

EBow enters at 2:53

Some Thoughts Are Treasure

Stephan Mathieu @una.casa II


Some crazy shit

Vocalise Dan Bau E-Bow

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Holst "The Planets"

Amazing Grace performed on Guitar with Ebow

All EBow


EBow on bass and guitar

EBQ (EBow Quartet)

White Room

Lachlan Higgs

ebow loop

Phil Keaggy

Amazing Grace

Phil Keaggy

Live at Soiled Dove 2001

The 16 Deadly Improvs - Ebow Attack (Edit)

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Paul Vo on EBow

Gino Robair

How to Play the Drums without Sticks


EBow as church organ.

Behold: the ebow

The Missing (In Studio) New Lead Singer 11-8-2010

Subway Music in Union Square - Heth & Jed

Danse des Ebow #1 (sur Custom 77).m4v

EBowed Toaster Oven


ebow driven resonant wire instrument

EBow Paint Film

Frantone - Glacier

ebow Commercial

A user's EBow commercial.

ebow slide noise #1

Explosions In The Sky

At Starlight Ballroom

New way to play the EBow. EBow at :51.

EBow and the little Vox

EBow Commercial

Made for Multimedia Design class.


Fell Field Live @ September Llama Lounge 08 Ebow & Feedback Intro

Face Me!

Nice EBow on acoustic in background

gas can guitar meets ebow

Gino Robair

In my Bath

Gino Robair

In my kitchen

guitar kaoss

How to Make Your Guitar Sound Like a Chainsaw

Ogrim/Eilertsen Improlectronica

Experimental music

Pt 6 Ken Rosser - Eric Jensen interview.mov

Screwdriver & Ebow Guitar Demonstration

Snare drum wires + eBow

Slide Piano Study

Steve Ouimette

We Three Kings - Guitar Hero 3

wailing chainsaws