DIY Mods for the EBow

[This section is under construction - Stay tuned]

Have you ever wanted to modify your EBow? Make is stronger, change its sound, get it to work on a piano. Run your EBow directly into an amp, bypassing your guitar's pickup? Need a place to put your EBow when not playing? How would you like to 3D print your own EBow clip. Need a hardshell case?

All this and more in our new EBow MOD section for Do it Yourselfers.

EBow Clip - A belt/guitar strap clip to hold your EBow. 3D printable.

PianoBow - Sand off feet to make a piano EBow.

Magnet Boost - Add more power to your EBow.

Lower Voltage - For interesting effects from octave divider to strange tones and sputtering audio.

Hard Shell Case - Hard shell cases on Amazon that work for your EBow.