Bass Guitar

Bass Quartet playing Ebows in Studio

Drumstick Bass/Baixo Baqueta

Ebow Bass

ebow & the bass player from hand job

Impro with AmpliTube 3 - "The Shrimp Dance"

Moto sound with Ebow

Mambo Sons

"Blues for Zanny"

Moto sound with EBow

RU.EXPerienced ? - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix by Les July

Steve Lawson

BJ Cole live at The Troubadour

Fretless Bass

ebow fretless bass

fun on fretless

Fretless Bass intro with Ebow. "Garden of Water" by Asaf Rabi

Fretless Bass with Ebow

Michael Manring

Using an E-Bow on Bass Guitar Lesson @ (preview)

Michael Manring


Michael Manring

Live at Noe Valley Ministry

Michael Manring

Don Ross, Andy Mckee

Michael Manring

Bob Culbertson Improv

Steve Lawson

Grace And Gratitude